Bright & Duggan Property Group’s response to the Greater Sydney lockdown announced by the NSW Premier at 2pm on Saturday, 26 June 2021.

Our Executive has met and decided on several escalated responses to help protect our employees, clients, and visitors, whilst maintaining support to our thousands of customers across Sydney.

We are all now aware of the issues relating to Covid-19 outbreaks and we will do our part to help Sydney quickly beat this outbreak.

Overview of additional measures effective immediately:

  • Our Strata Managers, Assistant Strata Managers and Trainee Strata Managers will work from either home or remotely until further notice.
  • Our smaller branches/offices will close temporarily.
  • On-site visits will be temporarily restricted.
  • Our front-line service teams such as essential customer support and administration will remain in the office. However, a social distancing practice will be implemented in these offices.
  • Our onsite building and facilities managers will socially distance and have their offices locked.
  • We will temporarily cease attendance (face to face) at meetings for our employees.
  • Employee events are on hold.

Employees working from home

Our strata and non-customer facing employees will work from home effective immediately. 

Following significant technical and data capacity upgrades undertaken over recent years all employees of the Group are still able to access their computers and phones and can be contacted as normal.

Line managers will engage with their teams regularly on Skype to keep up morale and provide updates and be available for escalations and to answer questions.

Effective immediately. The following branches will close to the public:

  • Dee Why
  • Rose Bay
  • Sydney Olympic Park
  • Caringbah

Please note our branches in Canberra, Newcastle and Queensland will operate as normal.

Crows Nest will remain open for limited strata searches and urgent matters. However, as outlined below, we encourage visitors to call and not attend without a specific booking.

On-site visits

We are placing a soft ban on all visits to our offices temporarily.  We will attempt to limit visits to strata searches only, understanding the importance of this function for the sale of properties under our management.

Other functions such as key and access device management can be done over the phone, utilising express mail services and other measures which do not require access into the office.

Employees still working in the office

The essential customer facing employees who will remain in the office will practice social distancing and we will continue to monitor advice. Visits to the office will be by appointment only.

On-site building and facilities managers

For now, these employees will remain on-site with the following conditions:

  • They isolate within building offices as much as possible.
  • Visitors do not attend the office or interact in close proximity to on-site staff unless they are urgently required to do so. In which case full preventive virus transfer practices should be implemented including hand washing before entering and remain for only a very short period of time.
  • In the event the on-site employee is required to enter an apartment, we ask where possible that the resident wear a mask. The employee if concerned, does not have to enter an apartment.
  • Some employees may need to work off-site and be available on the advertised building management mobile service and e-mail.

Attendance at face-to-face meetings temporarily restricted for our employees

We are restricting face to face meetings for our employees during the Sydney lockdown and we will reconsider this directive after the lockdown is lifted.

You may of course continue to meet if your building wishes to do so and our strata or building manager can attend via phone, Zoom or Skype.

We encourage you to contact your Strata, Building or Property Manager to organise alternative methods of meetings include online, phone, skype or postponement.

Employee events

Employee events are on hold until further notice.


Our priority is always the health and safety of our employees and customers, and we will continue to keep you updated.

We thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to being able to continue to offer you our services during this time.

Visit for more information.

The lockdown announcement and related rules can be found here: