Request a section 184 Certificate

A certificate issued under section 184 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 can be ordered using the form below.

A Section 184 Certificate gives the information about the strata scheme including:

  • the names and addresses of the strata committee members, the strata managing agent and building manager (if applicable)
  • the levies to be paid by the owners
  • any outstanding levies
  • the address where the records and financial statements can be viewed
  • any special by-laws made by the owners corporation in the past 6 months
  • Building insurance policies
  • the proposals for funding matters set out in the 10 year capital works fund plan
  • whether or not a strata renewal committee has been established


* note that a section 26 is the equivalent certificate under the Community Land Management Act

Statutory fees apply for the provision of these certificates.

Section 184 -  $119.90 incl GST per lot and $59.95 incl GST per utility lot

Section 26 -    $103.40 incl GST per lot

Payment must be made to the office of Bright & Duggan before a certificate will be issued.

Payment options include

 Credit Card
 Electronic Funds Transfer    (EFT)
 Cheque or Money Order

 Call 02 9902 7100


 *surcharges apply

 Mastercard / Visa 1.65%

 American Express 2.4%

 Diners Club 2.4%

 Name   Bright & Duggan Pty Ltd
 Bank    BOQ
 BSB     124-367
 AC        2238-4984

 Please enter Strata Plan & Lot  Number in reference field

 Example: SP12345LOT5

 Post to:
 PO BOX 281



Upon receipt of request and payment, the certificate will be issued within 14 days and will be issued to your nominated email address.