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Supporting the strata industry for over 40 years
Your strata team is responsible for bringing it all together and supporting your strata living experience. Bright & Duggan has been managing strata since 1977 and offers a collaborative, efficient and supportive service to owners. We are recognised as the experts in strata and you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands.

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Our National Network

Established in 1977, Bright & Duggan commenced operations in Crows Nest, NSW and has grown to a team of over 300 specialist staff that manage more than 70,000 strata and community title lots across Australia.

With this expansion, we now have office locations across the heartland of Sydney, Hunter, ACT, Victoria, Brisbane and the Gold Coast to better service and maintain easy face-to-face conversation, accessibility and local knowledge.

More Than A Manager

One of the biggest challenges with strata management today is the reliance on individual managers.

At Bright & Duggan, we do not believe your most valuable asset should be reliant on any one person.

That’s why we always have someone to answer the phone and a team of experts on hand.

From insurance to repairs, fire compliance to finance there’s always someone who can help.

It means the customer’s issues are resolved without the usual challenging obstacles.

Scale That Pays

We are one of Australia’s biggest strata management companies managing over $30 billion in property and as Australia’s strata leader, we can exercise that scale to negotiate savings and implement initiatives across our national footprint.

Why not let Bright & Duggan use our scale to increase your bottom line?

Building Management Committees & Commercial Management

Unparalleled Service

At its core, strata management is a service business.  We have a dedicated customer relations team and clear escalation points to ensure we deliver on our promises.

We are always striving to set new benchmarks to provide first class service and exceed our clients’ needs– that’s our guarantee.

Built To Fit

Some strata managers see their job as day- to- day management. Over 40 years managing strata across Australia has taught us it’s anything but. 

At Bright & Duggan we tailor all of our strata management agreements and services to fit the customer’s specific needs. With new developments, we offer our unique Collaborative Defects Management model which sets out defect management guidelines right from the start. It ensures nothing is left to chance, all parties know where they stand and it ensures expensive legal fees are avoided where possible. 

It’s our attention to detail and decades of experience at the highest level that you can be assured of and you can be confident that your asset is in the best possible hands because we believe ‘close enough’, simply isn’t good enough.

Budgeting & By-Laws

Our Leading Team

We have one of the most stable workforces in strata and the secret to this success lies with our family values and unique corporate structure.

Bright & Duggan has teams dedicated to achieving the best solutions and results. We take the view that no one person can successfully undertake all roles.

By divesting our strata managers of non-essential clerical and administrative functions, it enables us to assemble elite teams specialising in different fields of strata expertise to provide our customers with the highest level of service every time.


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