Financial Relief

This form allows lot owners experiencing financial difficulties to make an application to your body corporate committee to receive special consideration regarding contributions (for example: a payment plan, reinstatement of discount, waive of interest or fees). The body corporate committee can determine to provide limited relief to lot owners in certain circumstances. The body corporate committee will review the detail of your application, while considering the financial needs of your body corporate.

Please note the following prior to completing this form:

  1. Bright & Duggan does not make decisions regarding contributions (including setting contributions, discounts, collection or financial difficulty matters). Those decisions rest with the body corporate committee .
  2. As a principle, a body corporate committee must collect contributions from lot owners in order to function and comply with numerous legislative requirements. The committee is not authorised to waive contributions entirely, for a particular lot or period.
  3. Under the legislation governing your body corporate, the committee must consider the relevant circumstances when making decisions about financial difficulties. The information you submit in this form (including your personal financial information) will be provided to the body corporate committee and will form part of the body corporate committee records.
  4. If the information requested in the form is not provided, the committee may be unable to consider your request.

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