Nov 30, 2020News

24/7 emergency response service

At Bright & Duggan we know that your property is your greatest asset. Damage to your property is stressful and there is an immediate need to fix damage to prevent further destruction to your home and contents. Every decision we make is customer inspired, and customer feedback continually fuels our innovation. That’s why we are excited to introduce a fully manned 24/7 Emergency Response Service for all Bright & Duggan managed buildings. This service is delivered from an Australian-based centre and will provide a guaranteed onsite attendance for insurance claims and related emergencies within two hours.

This market leading service will ensure your call is promptly answered by a team of trained professionals. The emergency phone line is manned day and night by certified specialists who are trained to instantly respond and diagnose the incoming emergency. From the time the team receives a call, our team of experts is ready for action and will come prepared with the equipment, tools and knowledge to fix your problem giving you peace of mind that help is only a phone call away.

Bright & Duggan 24/7 Emergency Response Service

phone 1300 092 863

Please note that if your repair is not the obligation of the owners corporation, you may be charged for the use of this service.