Sep 4, 2019News

Meet Nick Stephenson, 2019 SCA NSW Strata Community Manager Winner

Nick was introduced to strata by a family friend three years ago right after he obtained his business degree. From that moment on he has been fully committed to maintaining an exceptional level of service. As a strata manager at Bright & Duggan Sydney Olympic Park branch, Nick says, “the key challenge is to maintain the same level of service that my previous manager achieved”. Nick manages a substantial portfolio comprising 40 buildings divided into 3259 lots. Half of his portfolio includes over 100 lots, of which the largest is composed of 383 lots. He defines his current position “as a liaison point for owners: acting on their behalf and representing their best interests as well”. Providing advice, consultancy and supervision of the Building Management Committees, Nick deals with large and complex relationships between members of the strata scheme in order to reach the best possible outcome. Nick regards communication skills to be a key factor to successfully establishing exceptional and durable working relationships with his external clients. Nick also uses his communication skills on a daily basis to boost office morale and foster a positive work environment: “My sense of responsibility and ability to communicate with others in the workplace contributes to a healthy working environment with the aim of sharing and learning,” he says. Nick has also mentored his assistant who now chairs his own strata committee meetings all within six months of commencing at Bright & Duggan. Nick also spends time working with other assistant managers to develop their careers. “‘I see this as a way forward, a way of learning and becoming more attuned to the various aspects of strata management. The company has an agreed relationship with the customers, and it is up the strata managers to accept the portfolio and to make a positive contribution to the company and to the customers”. Being nominated for this award was a privilege and a true honor for Nick. His own piece of advice for the future contestants is threefold: transparency, accountability and again communication! “Accountability and transparency are now at the forefront of the strata industry. The growth of the industry will continue and as legislation continues to be implemented those in the industry are more and more expected to have integrity and to be ethical in all of their dealings.” Good communication seems obvious especially today, but it is an essential part of Nick’s work. As such, Nick always tries his best to respond to all his emails in order to stay up to date at any time. Simple! Yes! But this is also how Nick reinforces the fundamental values of the Bright & Duggan culture and delivers a professional customer relationship always with courtesy.