Apr 15, 2020News

Strata Manager VS Building Manager

In the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter area, I constantly hear differences of opinion between owners, committee members, service providers, strata managers and building managers as to what a strata managers role is when there is also a building manager contracted by the owners corporation.

Owners need to be better aware of what they are paying for and whether they are potentially paying for it twice (e.g. building manager should be issuing work orders as part of their fee, however, they ask the strata manager to issue work orders and they charge a fee to do so).

Furthermore, the understanding of what a building manager can and should be doing has changed greatly over the past decade – whereas once they were a cleaner with a tool belt (e.g. caretaker), they are very much now the professional onsite interface between residents, contractors and the strata manager.

We often educate potential and new clients as to who should be doing what. The Strata Schemes Management Act is somewhat vague on the role of a Building Manager and it’s defined as below: Click here to continue reading

Author: Andrew Terrell, Bright & Duggan Hunter Branch Manager